After I photograph in nature, I return to my studio and develop the images of trees, dirt, grass, water, snow, shadows, sun, and clouds, and occasionally a figure, using a subtle yet straightforward monotone palette.

I am reminded: There is so much to look at besides what is really going on. It is not just what you see in the picture; what is missing is significant, too. The space in between is the interval between what is seen and unseen, the place where each picture’s meaning regarding nature/nurture, conflict/resolution, beauty/destruction, alienation/trust resonates as the image builds from digital file to final print. I am consistently looking to see past the surface at what might be hidden in order to understand and reveal more closely nature and its wild core.

Each print is a unique piece of a single moment. No picture is printed more than once; each print is one-of-a-kind, edition 1/1.

All work copyright ©2019 BetsyWeis

Represented in Europe by Karine Lisbonne, KLV Art Projects, Vienna, Austria

Represented in New York by Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY