Each print is a unique piece of a single moment. No picture is printed more than once; each print is unique.


Living in a city packed with people and buildings, I am constantly stimulated by the culture on the streets and in the neighborhoods. Though I mostly spend my time working in my studio, the lavish quantity of offerings and options, information and images, outside my windows captivates me. Ironically it is comforting to be surrounded by this stimulation.

Within my contained workspace, my ideas and the outside world reverberate. Turbulence and complexity intersect. Tension, calm, intellect, and emotion are the elements which inform my work.

In spite of the exciting distractions of the city, or because of it, fernweh takes hold of me: I want to be somewhere else, far away. I go and, in doing so, forget what I left behind. I take my camera and find places where nature is wild and uncertain. This act of departure from the known space of my studio and home is essential.

When I enter a natural landscape, I gaze, uninterrupted, at air, sky, geography, history, and weather, and take pictures to capture their ineffable qualities. The serene appearance of a gentle snowfall, a sunny pond, or the branching patterns I observe in the trees belies nature’s relentless chaotic activity. Its potency and magnitude are infused in every leaf floating in the breeze and every tenacious windstorm that might knock down a tree at its roots.

After I photograph in nature, I return to my studio and develop the images of trees, dirt, grass, water, snow, shadows, sun, and clouds, and occasionally a figure, using a subtle yet straightforward monotone palette.

I am reminded: There is so much to look at besides what is really going on. It is not just what you see in the picture; what is missing is significant, too. The space in between is the interval between what is seen and unseen, the place where each picture’s meaning regarding nature/nurture, conflict/resolution, beauty/destruction, alienation/trust resonates as the image builds from digital file to final print. Wherever, whenever, I always look further to find where I am in this deep and unpredictable subject. I dilate in nature and take pictures to get close to its wild core.,